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by ivorlongnose
14th of June 2008, at 7:05 pm
In todays Queens birthday honours list, it was not announced that the creator of lemonfingers would receive a CBE for his services to the cultural enrichment of the nation. When this news was not announced, two people who were standing at a bus stop in Westminster simultaneously blew their noses. It was later discovered that there was no connection between these events.

Meanwhile, in the lemonfingers office, we were not perturbed by this lack of news.

But on the positive side, we can announce that the lemonfingers default colour scheme has not yet been changed.

P.S. If any members have some news to post here, please stop hoarding it.

Ivor Longnose, the intrepid reporter seconded for a two month internship from The Green Hampton Daily Chronicle.
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