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Competition: Pumpkin Fingers 2008
Want to win prizes? Want to earn the esteem of your friends and other Lemons? Need an idea for a story, or a different point of view for that poem? We're here to help with the Lemon Fingers Competitions.
Happy Halloween from Lemon Fingers

Pumpkin Fingers 2008

Halloween is almost upon us, and soon pumpkins everywhere will be carved up into evil grimaces fit to chill the stoutest hearts. Well, that's the old-fashioned idea, anyway, and it's still good fun to stir up frights and scares.

So, what do we want from you?

Nothing much, just a story or narrative poem that shocks us into senseless gibbering, that chills our blood and turns our hair white, that brings evil into our peaceful homes and disrupts our sleep.

And how do we want this to happen?

We've set up a new category for stories under Prose > Contests > Pumpkin Fingers 2008, and a similar one for poetry under Poetry > Contests > Pumpkin Fingers 2008. Post your Halloween themed pieces for this competition in those Pumpkin Fingers categories by midday on the 30th of October 2008 (UK time) and your work will be considered for the fantastic prizes.

  • The length of prose should be that of a typical short story, and for poetry we're looking for narratives so thirty lines minimum. This is a strong suggestion rather than a absolute.
  • Topic-wise: scary/horror/fear not obscene/violence/filth.
  • The more unusual and original the piece, the better the chance of it winning a prize.

Prizes, you say?

Indeed, there will be prizes of Lemon Fingers merchandise for various things, including:

  • two top prizes of $100 worth of merchandise from the Lemon Fingers Shop for the most outstanding pieces uploaded to the Pumpkin Fingers categories before the deadline;
  • two prizes of $50 worth of merchandise from the Lemon Fingers Shop for the most original pieces;
  • eight prizes of a single piece of merchandise from the Lemon Fingers Shop and features on the Lemon Fingers home page for pieces which grab the interest of the staff members who will be judging the competition; and
  • a grab-bag of goodies to be dished out for Outstanding Service to the Lemon Fingers Community - these will be given for various smaller Halloween-related contests on the holiday day itself.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started on your competition pieces, you can enter as many as you like though we'd prefer to see totally new pieces rather than things that are already in your gallery. No need to tell us you will be entering, we will take everything in the two Pumpkin Fingers categories as being valid entries for this competition.

Best of luck, and... Happy Halloween!
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Latest News
by here7ic
5th of October 2008, at 8:17 pm
Shortly after 9:00pm Eastern Standard time last night, I was invited to join the Lemonfingers staff as the new Master of Ceremonies. Had I not been a poet, I probably would have been excited out of my words. However, as we all know, I always fight valiantly to keep my words, and I excitedly accepted the position.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, sometime in September, I suggested to jahg that we should hold a competition in commemoration of lemonfingers' birthday and the coming holiday. He was delighted to receive the suggestion, and put it on his to-do list. Now, a little known fact is that James is constantly busy with both keeping this site running and adding to it. This leads to a very long to-do list and unfortunately some things just get put on hold.

I messaged our benevolent leader a couple days ago asking about the status of the competition, and he assured me that it was almost complete. He also thanked me generously for my suggestion, and offered me a gift. Being the free-loader I am, I hastily accepted the gift, but not without gratitude. I mentioned that the staff looked short handed, and offered any help he may need. Little did I know that I was already being considered as a potential staff member, and this was just perfect timing.

James asked me if I wanted the full responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies, and I, gitty as a furry in kawaii-world, jumped on the job like a lion for the jahgular (:D). And here I am.

Now, many of you know me, many don't. My responsibilities cover a little of everything, and though I'm almost always online, I'm not completely available (as much as I may dislike that). I do work a day job as many staff members do, so if you have questions or comments for me in which you'd like a reply, your best bet is to send me a note or comment and I'll probably respond later tonight (it's 3:10pm here).

Now for me to shut up about myself and get to the meat and potatoes:

I don't think James has taken the competition page live yet, however I do believe you can submit entries at this time. The objective for you to shoot for is to scare the pants off of us. Submit poetry or prose, both are accepted. In order to submit a piece for the competition, all you have to do is write it up and submit it into the competition genre. The full details should be up soon enough, but I think I gave you a general enough description to get started with.

Let the games begin!

I'm Shawn, the new MC. Write a horror poem or story and submit it as a competition entry. More details to come.
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